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Palabras de otros
                                 Words of others



March 2016


The best guide and experience. I go to Patagonia every year to be with Moira and her beautiful way of living patagonia
You can do biking, fishing, meeting people from the history of Patagonia. You can hunt or just stay in the beautiful destinations that she books for you. 

she is the perfect guide... enjoy


Island Figure 8
United States

A perfect family trip
 April 2019 - Liz, Keith and family​

We are so happy. The days share doing birdwaching, biking, trekking, good food and more are one of the best memories of this trip to Patagonia. T¿You changed Kiki´s (one of the kids) outlook on mountain biking and build up great confidence for me and the girls. Feeling thankful we will do more in the furure. 

thanks for the experience. 

until we meet again

Buckley family

Keith Buckley Idaho Springs, Colorado


Viaje de Amigas
Claudia Berhensen Gabriela Barrionuevo y Karina March 2019

Un viaje divino, con todos los ingredientes para sentirse a gusto. Un poco de deporte, un poco de cultura e historia. Gastronomía impecable. Paisajes y lugares estrategicamente seleccionados para nosotras. La verdad es que no imaginamos que la pasaríamos tan bien. Con muchas ganas de volver... 

Claudia Berhensen 

San Isidro - Buenos Aires 

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